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Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.


Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

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The Highest Reproducibility Of Fragile Cell Confluence Monitoring.

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Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.
  • The iLine F microscope to close, automate, and control the cells expansion

    In the field of immunotherapy, the need for continuous measurement of critical quality attributes (CQAs) of the cell product is the next frontier. The iLine F microscope to close, automate, and control the cells expansion to ensure a real-time, in-line monitoring of CQAsas explained in this article from CCRM:

    Read more on our Holographic imaging system by visiting our website :



  • Ovizio Imaging Systems appoints Dr. Emilie Viey as Chief Executive Officer

    Ovizio has the pleasure to announce the appointment of Dr. Emilie VIEY as its new CEO. Please check our press release.

  • Label-free, high-throughput detection of P. falciparum infection in sphered erythrocytes with digital holographic microscopy

    Research done by TU Munich shows it is possible to detect P. falciparum infections label- free by using Ovizio's 3D holographic technology and machine learning software platform. Read all about it in their paper you can download here

  • QPI: from cell counting to continuous monitoring of viral load in a bioreactor

  • Automated sampling and sample processing in CHO processes for process monitoring and media development

    Alexandra Hofer, Paul Kroll and Christoph Herwig, TU Wien, presented their research during BioTech 2017, Zürich

  • Online monitoring of growth and cell shape of CHO cells in stirred bioreactors

    Mischa Stalder, Rüdiger Maschke, Regine Eible and Dieter Eible, ZHAW, presented their research results with a poster during BioTech 2017 at Zürich.

  • Real-time monitoring of CHO culture with an in-line microscope

    Priyal Patel and Jean-François Hamel, MIT, presented their results during the Bioprocessing Summit in Boston. 

  • Assessing The Health Status of Your Cells - Accuracy and Precision in Suspension Cell Viability Monitoring

    White paper available for download

  • Continuous suspension cell culture monitoring in bioreactors using quantitative phase imaging

    Jérémie Barbau, Ovizio, presented the latest results during ESACT 2017 at Lausanne.

  • Article: Calculate the "holographic signature" of cells to track processes

    It is another great honor being mentioned in the latest edition of "Industrie Pharma" N°98. The iLine F is getting its recognition as the "Shazam" of cell culture, for being able to identify and discriminate between cells. Check out the article to discover how the iLine F monitors 59 parameters, to transform single cell parameters into cell culture intelligence.

  • Ovizio has been identified as a leader in the global medical holography market

    We are honored to be mentioned as one of the companies dominating the global medical holography market, expected to reach 953.9 Million USD by 2021.


  • BioProcess International selected Ovizio for the “Best Technology Application 2016” awards final

    We are proud and glad to have been nominated for our hard work on positioning the iLine F instrument to achieve its mission: making cell culture monitoring smarter. 

    Stay connected, more to come soon!


  • Cell Culture Dish is featuring the iLine F in its Cool Tool Segment

    Discover how the iLine F is revolutionizing the cell culture monitoring industry, by using 59 single cell parameters and transforming them into cell culture intelligence. Check out the article to get to know more about the latest technology in cell culture monitoring.


  • Case Study: "PAT can be easy. You just need Smart Solutions"

    Philip Mathuis has been invited to share his insight and discuss on PAT. Join him on May 25 at 9.00 am at the A3P Congress and learn how to take control of your process and deliver consistent product quality. Then feel free to pursue the discussion on our booth (#14) and discover our smart solutions to efficiently monitor cell cultures. In real-time.


  • Seminar: Cultivation Systems: From Discovery to Production - IATA (Valencia)

    Welcome to Jan Van Hauwermeiren, our new Business Development Manager. His adventure takes off rapidly. Jan will present: "Application of an in-line cell image analyzer in biotech process" at the Applikon workshop in Valencia! Feel free to join him and discuss about this smart technology! If you cannot attend this one, don't worry, ask for the presentation here!


  • Poster Presentation: Continuous Suspension Cell Culture Monitoring in Bioreactors using Quantitative Imaging

    Attend Ann D'Ambruoso poster presentation at Cell Culture Engineering XV. In the poster, we compared the results generated by the iLine F microscope with a renowned reference method applying automated Trypan-Blue staining. In addition to the benefits of having a continuous monitoring of the culture, a correlation factor of R² = 0.94 was obtained for the viable cell density. 


  • Ovizio and MaSTherCell joint talk at Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress

    Join Philip Mathuis and Alessandra Ferraro (Development Scientist, MaSTherCell) on February 4 at 12.50 PM. They will share their insights on innovative automated technologies for robust Quality Control. Contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss how automation can change the way you count your cells. 

  • Ovizio at Cell & Gene Therapy World congress in Washington

    Come listen to Philip Mathuis Techs of Tomorrow presentation in the Showcase Theater on "In-Process Monitoring of Cell Count and Cell Viability Using Quantitative Microscopy " on Tuesday January 26 at 2.00 PM and attend to the joined talk with MaSTherCell on "Why partnering is key to succeed in cell therapy industrialisation. Case study with Ovizio automated cell counting technology" in the Constitution Ballroom D on Tuesday January 26 at 3.00 PM. Join Philip Mathuis and Serge Jooris to discuss your next challenges in cell counting.

  • Ovizio raises €8m ($9.1m) with US and Belgian investors

    We are excited to announce that we have secured a funding round of € 8M ($ 9.1M). This financial support will allow us to continue developing our platform technology and to establish a global commercial organization to address unmet needs in the label-free cell counting market improving the day-to-day operations of our clients. The funds will also be used to further validate our technology in the in vitro diagnostics industry where it has the potential for early disease detection at a reduced cost.

  • Ovizio partners with Pall Life Sciences to expand and commercialize the iLine S microscope range

    We are excited to announce a distribution partnership with Pall Life Sciences, a global leader in biopharmaceutical fluid management. Through the agreement, the iLine S microscope will be commercialized as part of Pall's Xpansion® cell production platform. 

  • OsOne-4.6 Released - Improved user interface and automated scanning of cell culture recipients

    The principal features of this new version are the iLine-M support and the capabilities to scan multilayer recipients like Cell Factories. Other main features include an improved scanning of multiwell recipients, better refocus and auto-focus methods and a wizard to start suspension cell culture monitoring. Live phase image capturing, drastic reduction of computation time by using the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) for all core treatments. Exporting data to flow cytometry standard formats is now possible. TAKE A TOUR

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Gudermann is presenting an in-depth study on the evolution of cell counting.

    There was a time when scientists had to pass by their lab during weekends. Good news, this time is over now! Don’t miss Professor Gudermann’s webinar on How Automation has Changed the Way we count Cells on June 9th. This Free Webinar is organised thanks to the collaboration of Applikon and Ovizio. Learn more and watch here.

  • Ovizio launches iLine F at ESACT meeting with global distributor Applikon

    We announce today the launch of our new product, the iLine F, an in-line suspension cell-monitoring microscope. In collaboration with global distributor, Applikon, the iLine F is being showcased at booth #74 and #77 at the European Society for Animal Cell Technology congress (ESACT), held in Barcelona from May 31 to June 3.

  • Ovizio shows its new technologies at ESACT

    Stop by our booths #109 (Ovizio) and #74 & #77 (Applikon) to meet us and share your perspectives on our innovative platform. ESACT meeting starts on June 31 and will take place in Barcelona. Meet us

  • Ovizio opens new office and state-of-the art R&D laboratories.

    Ovizio moved to a new location to support the rapid growth of our activities. Right in the center of Brussels, the new space houses up-to-date R&D laboratories and cell culture equipment to design next live cell-imaging microscopes and  support our customers’ applications.

  • Philip Mathuis invited to present at the Innovation for Growing & Analyzing Cell Lines workshop.

    Philip Mathuis will be at the Innovation for Growing & Analyzing Cell Lines workshop sponsored by Pall Life Sciences and taking place at the GIGA Center (CHU, Liège), Tuesday February 10 . The workshop gathers expert speakers experts from the bioprocessing industry. Philip will offer a look into label-free quantitative imaging systems and how they can automate stem cell process control. Contact us to request your free copy of his presentation. 
  • Philip Mathuis leading a discussion group on automating label-free process control at ISCT 2014

    Philip Mathuis was selected by the International Society for Cell Therapy (ISCT) to lead a discussion group at their annual congress taking place in Paris. The discussion adressed the use of innovative label-free quantitive imaging for automated process control. The session followed a workshop entitled "Introduction to the Benefits and Pitfalls of Multi-Colour Flow Cytometry and Cell Analysis". The aim of the Workshop was to give an introduction and update of recent flow-cytometry and cell analysis technologies, with particular emphasis on Quality Control and setup for cell therapy applications.

  • Ovizio Receives Company Award From Invest in Photonics 2012

    The 2012 Invest in Photonics, is a global partnering convention gathering executives, VCs and experts from the photonic industry. The event presents the most innovative, credible and profitable business ventures in photonics. For the third edition, Ovizio received the Company Award.

  • Ovizio wins the Deloitte Benelux Most
    Disruptive Innovator award

    Ovizio was selected amongst more than 150 Belgian and Dutch companies to pitch in front of a judging panel of leading individuals from the technology sector at the Deloitte Benelux Rising star competition. The company received the Most Disruptive Innovator 2012 award.

  • Ovizio and Applikon Biotechnology sign a long term global marketing and distribution agreement

    Ovizio Imaging Systems and Applikon Biotechnology jointly announced the signing of a long term worldwide marketing and distribution agreement for an innovative device using a proprietary imaging technology in microscopy.

  • Ovizio featured in Frost & Sullivan’s
    Technical Insights

    Frost & Sullivan, the world leading firm in growth consulting did an article on Ovizio technology in the Technical Insights publication where emerging technologies and disruptive innovations are presented. Philip Mathuis was featured and introduced Ovizio and how its range of microscopes overcomes traditional limitations related to classical microscopy, especially for lifesciences applications.