iLine F

Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.


Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

iLine S

The Highest Reproducibility Of Fragile Cell Confluence Monitoring.

iLine M - Engineering Platform

Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.

iLine S

The Highest Reproducibility Of Fragile Cell Confluence Monitoring.

To guarantee robust large-scale expansion of fragile cells such as stem cells, reaching the highest levels of automation and reproducibility is essential. With both stem cell behavior and differentiation mechanisms being highly sensitive to cell density, monitoring confluence in multiple layers using a label-free and automated system is key. The iLine S microscope has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Developed for use with Xpansion® multiplate bioreactors (Pall Life Sciences), the iLine S device measures the specific holographic signature of each adherent cell within the field of view and computes a cell count based on a sequence of holograms. The non-invasive technology reports confluency; morphology and cell count per layer for the upper ten plates.

To reach the highest precision, the microscope is equipped with a motorized objective offering a reproducible and consistent method to monitor layer by layer. The total magnification, which is typically 250 to 500 X, can be adapted to fit the size of cells of interest, depending on the application.

The iLine S system can be used in R&D and GMP production environments and is ready to be integrated with process control systems via a specific link that transfers the acquired data in real-time to the user interface. In the near future server integration will provide centralized interconnectivity between multiple microscopes.

To facilitate the handling, the microscope can be delivered with a rolling support which is easily adjustable to fit with the different Xpansion multiplate bioreactors (10, 50, 100 and 200-layer versions).

  • Density
  • Morphology 
  • Confluency
  • Harvesting Time



OsOne Software

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Motorized Objective

Automated autofocus with a precision lower than 1μm for the accurate and reproducible observation of the first top ten layers of the Xpansion bioreactor.


Motorized Stage

The iLine S system benefits from a rotating stage for optimal bioreactor positioning and minimizing operations

LED light source

Red Light-Emitting Diode (LED) avoiding phototoxicity.