iLine F

Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.


Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

iLine S

The Highest Reproducibility Of Fragile Cell Confluence Monitoring.

iLine M - Engineering Platform

Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.

iLine F

Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.

The iLine F microscope uses a unique concept for in-line, non-invasive and label-free suspension cell counting, offering its users an unmatched experience when combined with a bioreactor. Continuously tracking cells in real-time with high accuracy, the system has been designed for a straightforward experience and a particularly efficient tool for deep investigation of underlying data. Fast and accurate, the algorithms automatically discriminate living from dead cells, count clusters and eliminate debris. As a result : No manual operations and No toxic waste. 

The microscope captures holograms of the cells travelling through the BioConnect disposable fluidics system, which connects the microscope to the bioreactor. The fluidics system is activated via a unique membrane pump, applying the principle of a heart and proven not to affect cells, while the closed loop set-up ensures sterility and continuous viable cell counting and monitoring without sample consumption. 

Transfer of OVIZIO’s technology from one site to another becomes very convenient (not operator dependent) and much less time consuming.

Cost comparison with traditional counters showed that the iLine system enables to decrease yearly operational costs by 40% in case of medium-sized facilities and up to 50% for large facilities. The system is straightforwardly scalable, and can be used from R&D to process development and production. 

The system can track the following parameters:

  • Cell Density
  • Cell Viability
  • Cell Morphology
  • Feeding and Harvesting Time
  • Discriminate Living From Dead Cells

iLine F microscope can be adapted to most stirred tank bioreactors through an available standard PG-13.5 port.


Optical Cell Analyzer

The iLine F has been specifically designed to count and monitor suspension cells in stirred bioreactors. The system can be connected to the bioreactor via an innovative disposable fluidics system.

BioConnect Port

The iLine F microscope is connected to the bioreactor through a disposable and autoclavable fluidics system, ‘The BioConnect’. Cells are pumped via a patented membrane pump, applying the principle of a heart and designed to preserve cell integrity. 


Cells flow through the imaging device in a temperature-controlled environment while being continuously imaged. After the holograms of the cells have been captured, the cells flow back to the bioreactor.