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Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

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Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

The new Ovizio QMod microscopy module takes the accuracy & simplicity of cell analysis to the next level. Available as a kit, it can be fixed on the c-mount where the camera is usually attached to the microscope. The QMod system is a particularly convenient and fast solution for direct cell counting in transparent supports, from petri dishes, flasks and multi-well plates to multi-layer vessels.

Designed for high precision, the QMod module generates in real-time the holographic fingerprint of each cell enabling the user to select and observe cells individually, based on a pre-defined set of parameters. Operated with the OsOne software, scientists can now automatically scan multi-well vessels, trace changes, make the distinction between living and dead cells and can even eliminate debris. To offer the best resolution, the images acquired with the OsOne software can ultimately be refocused post-acquisition.

Furthermore, in combination with a fluorescence microscope, the QMod module makes it now possible to overlay your fluorescent signal with your hologram! This unique approach opens the door to even more applications, with for example: confirmation of the results achieved in a label free set-up without the need for sample preparation, reagents and cell fixation. Applying the same device and sample, this method avoids the creation of toxic waste.

  • Counting
  • Viability
  • Confluence
  • Morphology
  • Toxicity Assays
  • Fluorescence & Holography
  • Time-lapse Cytometry.
  • In Vitro Cell Line Assays
  • Multi-well Plate Screening
  • Biofilm Monitoring
  • Many more applications to come…

The qMod module has been successfully tested on the most used microscopes as the Zeiss Axioplan, Nikon Labophot 2, Nikon Eclipse TS100-F, Leica DM IRB or Olympus AX70.


OsOne Software

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Universal design

The QMod module fits on a standard c-mount connector

Easy access

Open design allows for easy access to microscope sub components.