iLine F

Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.


Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

iLine M - Engineering Platform

Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.


Combining Data Acquisition And Analysis with Machine Learning

The OsOne software is at the center of Ovizio's microscopes. Designed to deliver an optimal and delightful user experience, OsOne is built for easy data acquisition and thorough quantitative data analysis. The intuitive interface and wizard enable a rapid understanding and navigation of the app, providing a solid connection between the user and the device.

Cell density and viability are measured and reported in nearly real-time by using a label-free method based on the holographic fingerprint of cells. Cell confluency is indicated as the percentage of surface covered with cells. For a more in-depth monitoring, each individual cell can be observed and analyzed. A simple click on the image or in the dot plot simultaneously shows all data linked to that particular cell (diameter, perimeter, surface, circularity, intensity, aggregate size...).

All Ovizio devices are delivered with OsOne desktop app pre-loaded.

  • Single cell analysis
  • Browsing experiments
  • Automatic cell counting & live phase image capture
  • Analytic report based on 16 morphologic parameters
  • Explore the recorded volume with a slider
  • Export to standard imaging and Cytometry formats
  • Capability to scan multilayer and multiwell recipients with precise auto-positioning
  • GPU for all the core treatments

    OsOne Software

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    Intuitive Interface Design

    Built-in desktop application integrating a simple and complete user interface for an optimal and easy browsing experience.

    Continuous Data Recording

    Real-time and secured data acquisition and recording. Continuous trending and report builder enable in-depth data analysis.

    Advanced 3D Image Analysis

    Advanced functionality enables thorough investigation of the underlying data and export to standard imaging formats.

    Designed To Work For You

    Fully customizable, the measurement and analysis parameters can be easily configured to meet your needs.