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Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.

Emilie Viey


Emilie Viey is a cellular Biologist, graduated from the Immunology department, University Paris XI in 2006, for her work on the role of gamma delta T cells in immune response against renal cell carcinoma. She pursued her scientific learning at Innate Pharma, working on the validation of immune modulating antibodies for Natural Killer cells in AML disease and the evaluation of the IPH11-01 drug efficacy on blood HCV patient’s samples. Then, she gives a twist to her career by joining Roche Diagnostics France. As a national expert for cell analysis instruments (cell counter, Imaging platform and real-time cell analyzer), Emilie was supporting the sales team and customers on technical, scientific and marketing aspects.


In 2013, she stepped up her ambition to work for cutting-edge technologies and joined ACEA Biosciences Inc. as Country Manager. Building on these first steps into a commercial path, she was promoted to lead the European business and team for this San Diego-based company.


In 2018, with her undying curiosity for science and new technologies, her thirst to knowledge and acquire new skills, she accepted the CEO position at Ovizio Imaging Systems.


Emilie loves the outdoors and is passionate about all mountain activities (hiking, climbing, mountain running and biking, cross-country skiing).


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