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Classic Microscopy vs Digital Holography

Lipid accumulation in murine adipocytes in 24-well plates

Classic methods tracing the lipid accumulation require fixing and staining of the cells (and throwing these away after). Today it is possible via Digital Holographic Microscopes to follow the cells in time and detect the lipid accumulation inside cells through a label-free, non-invasive approach.

Here is a comparison of the use of Classic Microscopy and Differential Digital Holographic microscopy for the observation of murine mature adipocytes: 

Classic Microscopy

Classic Microscopy

Murine adipocytes fixed with PFA 4%; lipid staining with Oil Red O for 30' and visualized with phase contrast (20x).

Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy

Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy

Murine adipocytes in Digital Holographic Microscopy, phase image, 40x
Non-fixed, real-time, label free.

Source: UNamur, Martine Raes

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