iLine F

Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.


Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

iLine S

The Highest Reproducibility Of Fragile Cell Confluence Monitoring.

iLine M - Engineering Platform

Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.

About us

"We are driven by making the complex simple and getting things done."

The Origin

Passionate about science and technology, we envisioned the potential of non-invasive, quantitative imaging in Life Sciences. That's when we met Professor Frank Dubois, a scientist specialized in Digital Holography.

The Professor and his team had spent more than a decade on fundamental research to prove the reliability and stability, even in harsh environments, of the light-based Digital Holographic Microscopy. Two scientific experiments were even successfully completed on board the International Space Station (ISS).

We were fascinated by this promising technology and how it could simplify the way scientists perform day-to-day analytics. In December 2009, Ovizio Imaging Systems was born.

The Journey

Ovizio Imaging Systems further developed the DHM technology and matured it into commercial products, namely cell counting and imaging solutions based on quantitative microscopy for life sciences applications:

  • The QMod: Holographic and Fluorescence microscopy module, that can be fixed on the c-mount where the camera is usually attached to the microscope.

  • The iLine F: Holographic microscope for in-line, non-invasive and label-free suspension cell counting; it can be adapted to most stirred tank bioreactors and rocking motion bags.

  • The iLine S: Microscope specifically developed for use with Xpansion® multiplate bioreactors (Pall Life Sciences), the device measures the specific Holographic signature of each adherent cell within the field of view and reports confluency and morphology per layer for the upper ten plates.

We focus our commercial activities in particular on the bioprocessing market, more precisely in the vaccine, cell-therapy, and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) segments.

Our solutions provide automated, in process viable cell counting that has proven to increase accuracy, reproducibility and productivity by allowing scientists and operators the flexibility to continue with other tasks.

Ovizio currently has 16 dedicated professionals.

The Partners

Ovizio is a private company supported by an international consortium of investors including New Science Ventures, QBIC, Theodorus and Nausicaa Ventures.

Our key customers include Applikon Biotechnology and Pall Life Sciences.