Breaking the barriers between 3D microscopy and flow cytometry:

Label Free, Non Invasive, 4D Quantitative Cell Monitoring Platform

Ovizio Imaging Systems
designs and develops 4D Quantitative Imaging Devices based on a new, cost cutting technology: Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy.

By combining the speed of flow cytometry and the resolution of traditional microscopy, the systems can generate high quality images of captured objects in real-time. Via a non-invasive label-free approach, the cells can be monitored directly in their culture environment. There is no need for sampling and sample preparation, resulting in a particularly convenient, cost-effective and environment friendly solution for automated cell culture monitoring, analysis and quality control

Ovizio's technology enables cell density, cell morphology as well as cell viability tracking in nearly real-time, all this at a single cell level (key for your Process Analytical Technology plans - PAT). Furthermore, Ovizio's technology offers unique features for vertical integration. Starting at R&D level, it can be straightforwardly transferred to bioprocess development and finally integrated to manufacturing process.

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Ovizio is looking for a finance manager.

Ovizio wins the Deloitte Benelux Most Disruptive innovator 2012 Award.

Ovizio and Applikon Biotechnology sign long term agreement.

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Why choosing our technology

① Label free
② No sample preparation
③ Real-time
④ Non-invasive
⑤ Cost saving
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