Breaking the barriers between 3D microscopy and flow cytometry:

4D Quantitative Imaging - label free viable cell counting - no sample preparation - no dyes

Our advanced devices generate high quality images ideal for studying dynamic phenomena, combining the speed of flow cytometry and the resolution of classic microscopy (‘4-D microscopy’). Our platform operates without physical contact, with low light and without staining, so ensuring the integrity of samples.

Already in use in R&D and production environments, our technology is enabling our clients to reduce operational costs while improving quality.

Want to try it?

Technology in a nutshell


up to 1.000 holograms per second


horizontal up to 200nm, vertical 2nm


depth of investigation increased about 100 fold compared with classical microscopy and flow cytometry


Ovizio wins the Deloitte Benelux Most Disruptive innovator 2012 Award.

Ovizio and Applikon Biotechnology sign long term agreement.

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Why choosing our technology

① Label free
② No sample preparation
③ Real-time
④ Non-invasive
⑤ Quantitative
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