iLine F

Capturing the Most From Your Suspension Cell Culture Process. In Real-Time.


Holographic And Fluorescence Microscopy. In One Single System.

iLine M - Engineering Platform

Customised Cell Confluence Monitoring In Multi-Layer Vessels.

From Intuition to Analytics

Ovizio’s microscopes offer an automated, label-free tool designed for viable cell counting. Based on patented ‘Differential Digital Holography’ technology, advanced algorithms extract meaningful quantitative data about complex cellular dynamics. Validated with almost every type of transparent cell culture vessel, Ovizio's devices can track cell density, cell morphology as well as cell viability with the highest reproducibility at a single cell level. 

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OVIZIO's microscopes are a particularly convenient and robust solution for automated cell counting, analysis and quality control. Starting with R&D applications, they can be straightforwardly transferred to manufacturing processes such as in-line solutions for ‘Process Analytical Technology’ plans (PAT). By limiting the number of operations, the related costs are drastically reduced. Improved reproducibility and increased traceability bring our customers to the forefront of today’s Life Science environments.

Case studies


Eva-Maria Zetsche

Dr, Researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute

"The qMod has allowed us to investigate marine organisms at high magnification in combination with fluorescence imaging in a simple, easy-to-use manner. In this way we can confirm our observations with the appropriate stains or inherent fluorescence of cells when studying for example, the viability of cells or lipid body content. The ease of use of the instrument and software and support of Ovizio have been most beneficial to our students and us in trying to address key scientific questions."

Sarah Snykers

Senior R&D/QC manager, Promethera Biosciences

Ovizio’s iLineS technology has allowed us to evaluate the confluence in our fully closed multiplate bioreactor system. The direct on-site support, technical hands on and efficient follow-up have been key in reaching this milestone. Currently, Promethera is impatiently looking forward to the release of new tools allowing real-time non-invasive monitoring of apoptosis/phenotypic changes of 2D cultures. This would substantially contribute to the in process and quality control of cell therapeutic products in general    

Philippe Willemsen

Pilot Plant Manager, Promethera Biosciences

While scaling up production process from regular multi-tray stacks to bioreactors, it was an enormous challenge for Ovizio to fill the gap between regular microscopy and alternative cell quality evaluation. The continuous improvement and innovation, as well as close relationship with the end-user are trademarks of Ovizio. Further software upgrades allowing real-time and automated label-free cell count measurements would substantially contribute to the industrialization of Promethera’s manufacturing process.

Lara Ionescu Silverman

PhD, Senior Manager, R&D Discgenics

"Commercializing a cell therapy requires opening the ‘black box' of traditional cell culture. Ovizio's QMod has unique imaging software that allows for unprecedented quantification of cell parameters, from evaluating a single cell to the population as a whole. Also, the set-up was fast and the interface so easy to use that we now use it daily to evaluate confluency and cell morphology. The staff at Ovizio has happily worked with us to optimize the algorithms and identify the key parameters critical to monitor in our process."